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Connect Canvas with Cengage MindTap

Updated May 21, 2021

Go to byui.instructure.com to login.

Typically, this is a course coming up in the next semester. Currently, this includes ECON 151.

You will need to authorize Canvas to access Cengage. Don't worry if this doesn't appear for you, since it may have already been authorized on your behalf as part of the integration setup process.

Note: If you have an existing Cengage account used with Brightspace, please go to the following step.

Select "Create New Account".

Fill out this form with the appropriate information. Please record the email and password in a confidential location so that you can reuse it in the future, if necessary. Click "Register" once you've filled out the fields.

The following will appear as part of the registration and completion process.

The following message will show up and you will be redirected to the main Cengage page.

You have finished connecting your Cengage account to Canvas when you see the screen below. Please don't select a source. The Systems and Innovation Technology team will do that for you.

You are done. Great job!

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