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How Do I Change the Gradebook to the Spreadsheet View?


Welcome! In this article we'll show you how to change your Canvas gradebook to the spreadsheet view. NOTE: to change your gradebook to the spreadsheet view you must already have your gradebook in the Individual View. Let's get started!

Open the gradebook

To open your Canvas gradebook, click "Grades" in the course navigation menu. Changing your gradebook to the spreadsheet view will require your gradebook to already be in the Individual View, as shown below.

Individual view of Canvas gradebook

Change the gradebook view  

Click on the "Gradebook" dropdown menu [1] in the top right corner and select "Gradebook..." [2] from the list of options.

Gradebook dropdown menu

Now, your gradebook will look like a spreadsheet with the students in your course on the left side and the assignments in your course along the top.

Gradebook in a Canvas course

Additional Help Resources

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Congratulations, you are done!
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