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Understanding the Faculty Tab Homepage


The Faculty tab on the www.byui.edu website (also known as myBYUI) is one of the most important places that faculty will use during their time teaching at BYU-Idaho. This collection of pages is used to maintain classes, access information such as submitting and changing grades, utilize your class roster, manage class enrollments, and manually add or remove students from a class. This series of tutorials will help you understand what resources are available to you as a faculty member and what the Faculty tab can do.

1. Faculty Tab

You can access the Faculty tab by going to www.byui.edu and signing in with your BYU-Idaho username and password.

If you don't see the faculty tab on your page, but you are a faculty member and you believe this is an error, please contact the FTC at x7230.

2. Faculty Course Control

The Faculty Course Control button is used to control and maintain each of your classes per semester. From here you can view course details (how the course is described to students while registering), view the class list, view and add students from the waiting list, enter final grades for the class, and view a list of students who have added or dropped the class.

For more information on how to use this feature, check out this article.


3. Faculty Information Navigation Column

Although many of these tools can be found elsewhere, the navigation column on the left side is useful to find resources such as your class schedule as a faculty member, records for individual students, and a tool that can show you how classes will transfer to and from other universities.

For more information on how to use these features, check out this article.

4. Grade Entry

Although these tools can be found in multiple places, the Grade Entry links are helpful mostly because this is likely the tool you will use most in the Faculty tab. These links are used to mainly submit final grades for students or change those grades after they've been submitted. Keep in mind, several of these tools will only work during the designated times for grade submission at the end each semester.

For a tutorial on how to use the grade submit tool, check out this article.

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This column is just a collection of helpful links that are from various places around the BYU-Idaho website.

For more information on these links, check out this article.

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