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Faculty Information Navigation Menu

Updated Dec 29, 2017

The main purpose of the Faculty Information Navigation Menu on the left hand side is to provide a collection of useful links to faculty in one place. Although many of these tools can be found elsewhere, the navigation column on the left side is useful to find resources such as your class schedule as a faculty member, records for individual students, or a tool that can show you how classes will transfer to and from other universities.

Class Schedule

As a faculty member at BYU-Idaho, you can register for classes. This is also a useful tool to see how students might use the registration system.

Course Authorizations

The purpose of the Course Authorizations tool is to allow students to register for a course despite the course being full in the registration system. To add authorized students to that course you want to change, and click on the course to find the student there.

Faculty Reserve

The purpose of the Faculty Reserve tool is to set aside a select number of seats in a class so that students can not sign up for the class unless you allow them. For example, you may know that 5 students need to take the class a certain semester to graduate, and so you may set aside 5 seats for them so the class does not fill up and lock them out.

Students Records

The purpose of the Student Records tool is to view the records of any student using identifiers such as their ID (I-Number), or First or Last Name. These records will include information such as past grades and classes taken, or if they are a transfer student, and more.

Transfer Courses

The main purpose of the Transfer Courses tool is to see how your class will transfer to and from other universities.

By using the drop down menus, you can select the State and then the School that you want to check for applicable transfer credits.

Reporting Tools

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